Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Our clothing brand focuses on babies and kids, primarily catering to infants and toddlers up to the age of 9.

Our clothes are made from the highest quality fabrics, including 100% Turkish cotton and organic muslin cotton. These materials ensure comfort, durability, and longevity.

Absolutely! Our clothes are designed to be easy to care for and made to last generations. Simply follow the care instructions provided with each garment for best results.

Yes Craigieburn Central in Melbourne Victoria



Our clothes go by age range.

Yes all made in Turkey at high standards.

Yes we can sent directly to them or put a gift receipt in package.



Organic yes mainly in baby range.

Care Instructions

Cold washes for coloured clothing on a gentle cycle.

You can but air dryed is always best.

No they hold there natural colours.

Orders & Shippings

By clicking on size and colour you want.

Paypal.after pay , zip pay, credit card

Within 24-48 hours

Free shipping australia wide only

7 days.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns 7 days if tags remain on and you have your proof of purchase

Exchange yes.

Yes we do we send you an express bag

Customer Support

Answer to help your customers feel more comfortable completing their purchase.